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Find marijuana deals with With the booming legal marijuana industry, your search for dispensaries and find marijuana deals can be overwhelming. Not knowing where to go for a specific strain or which coupons will be the best fit for your budget


4/20 April 20th is just another run of the mill day to many, some go to work and others to school. There are some who stay home and others who go out, however there are those who truly understand what 4/20 has

Colorado Cannabis Laws

Colorado Cannabis Laws Here you will find information on Colorado cannabis laws. How old do I have to be to purchase marijuana? Answer – You must be 21 and older to buy, possess or use marijuana. It is illegal to give or

Top 420 Friendly Travel Tips

Top 420 Friendly Travel Tips   With the legalization of recreational marijuana in parts of the country, there are now new opportunities to partake in everyone’s favorite plant. In fact, there is an entire industry growing in symbiosis with the pot production.